segunda-feira, outubro 24, 2016

Nails business where Climbing Crags were

It is interesting to see how things change.

After so many years in Germany I finally gave up and now I write in english. After my seminar (not the one I gave but the one I participated) last week and a long unexpected but relaxed and refreshing chat with the energy trainer (Trudi) I found how much I missed writing. Its been really a while.

I though of creating a new blog and or that I didn't even had access to this one anymore but I'm here and today came my next surprise.

Its time to clean up. If I really want to come "back to business" I need to do it right... but, it was a quite disappointing surprise to check that half of my links (friends and interesting stuff) were now nails advisors or dead-end cyber streets... most of the ones still valid are not updated since at least 3 or 4 years....

I guess we all moved on, started a career, family, other hobbies, no hobbies, gained weight, lost dreams, gained new focus, are more afraid of exposure, etc... all should be valid reasons why those blogs and web waves were lost... sad.... still I understand.

Maybe we all sometime come back... I will try my share.

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